Turopolje Region to Get Its Own Encyclopedia, 4th of Its Kind in Croatia

By 12 February 2018

The Encyclopedia of Turopolje will feature more than 1000 articles on significant persons, sites and other items relevant to the region

How many cities or regions in Croatia have their own encyclopedia? So far, there have been three: the Encyclopedia of Istria (2005), the Lexicon of Zagreb (2006), and the Encyclopedia of Hrvatsko Zagorje (2017), all of them representing comprehensive overviews of the respective areas. Another notable publication will join the ranks three years from now - an encyclopedia of Turopolje, a region spanning from Zagreb to Sisak with the town of Velika Gorica as its administrative center.

Miroslav Krleža Institute of Lexicography and the City of Velika Gorica signed a collaboration agreement which will result in a publication of over five hundred pages, containing an overview of Turopolje's distinctive identity.

"With this project, Velika Gorica has joined a certain avant-garde part of Croatia, considering this is only the fourth publication in the entire country dedicated to systematic research of a certain area", said the director of the Institute of Lexicography, Dr Antun Vujić.

The project is considered to be of historical significance for Turopolje and Velika Gorica, whose Mayor Dražen Barišić stated such a valuable hardcover edition will be a mirror of the past. "[This will be] a synthesis of historical, ethnographic and other features of our area which will show we are a well-rounded region that has its own distinctive identity. We are incredibly proud of our history and consider it our duty to prevent our heritage from sinking into oblivion, as well as to better establish our identity so we could pass it on to our children", said Mayor Barišić.


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