100 Year Old Idea to Become Reality? Učka Cable Car Would Connect Sea and Mountains

By 9 February 2018

The beginning of the Učka 360-degree project is the construction of a cable car.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 9th of February, 2018, the Žičara Učka d.o.o company that has been developing the idea of connecting the sea and the mountains for ​​over a hundred years has completed its key financial process.

By the 31st of January, 2018, interested business circles, residents and the local and regional self-government units were able to participate in the process of increasing the capital stock of Žičara Učka (Učka Cable Car). The expansion of the ownership structure of the company is necessary in order to continue with the development of the Učka cableway construction project.

As Novi List writes, raising the company's core capital brings the cableway one step closer to reality, more specifically, to its actual construction.

In front of Milorad Stanić, Željko Kuiš and Mladen Blažević, a volunteer troupe who came together for Žičara Učka d.o.o., is the complicated and long-lasting task of the realisation of the idea. A huge amount of organisational and planning work awaits the project, but the key business of raising the company's core capital put a spring in their steps and some wind in their feathers.

The Učka cable car project has rather unsurprisingly recently been proclaimed to be a significant investment of strategic importance.