Murder on Vis: German Crime Series Set in Croatia Seen by Millions

By 5 February 2018

The latest episode of the popular German crime series is set on Vis island

In 2016, the German television network ARD launched a crime TV series set in various places in Croatia. Named 'Der Kroatien Krimi', the series saw two popular feature-length films in its first season and returned with its third installment just last week.

Judging by the ratings, the German audience is more than keen on Croatia: Mord auf Vis (Murder on Vis) was seen by 4.24 million viewers thus far, with the staggering number only about to grow as the entire film was made available on YouTube.

Murder on Vis kicks off with an antiquity dealer arriving on Vis island to acquire a rare coin originating from the Independent State of Croatia (1941-1945). Soon thereafter, another collector sharing the same political beliefs meets his untimely end. Even though the audience knows from the start the perpetrator is a local police officer named Jure Poković, his motives don't get unveiled until the end of the suspenseful film, when the mysterious case gets resolved by Branka Marić, the lead detective from Split and the protagonist of the entire series.

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YouTube screenshot

Considering the German market already constitutes a substantial part of Croatia's tourism industry, it wouldn't surprise us if the remarkable scenery displayed in Der Kroatien Krimi ends up inspiring more German travellers to explore the Adriatic coast. In the meantime, if you have an hour or two to spare, check out the popular episode below: