Hvar Days of Olive Oil Next Weekend in Jelsa

By 3 February 2018

The third years of Days of Olive Oil of the Island of Hvar will take place in Jelsa on February 10, 2018. 

It is one of two places in Croatia whose Mediterranean Diet has been inscribed as intangible UNESCO heritage, and one of the secrets of healthy Mediterranean living is, of course, quality olive oil. 

The island of Hvar excellent olive oil, and you will not be in an island restaurant long before you are introduced to it. Hvar's olive tradtion dates back some 2,400 years to the arrival of the Ancient Greeks in 384 BC, when they sailed into what is now Stari Grad, and they founded their first settlement called Faros, after the island of Paros, from where they had come from. Nearby, they founded an agricultural site and planted vines and olives on 80 hectares of fertile field where fine wines and olive oil are produced to this day. The field is better known today as UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Stari Grad Plain. 

Despite Hvar's undoubted olive oil pedigree, there has been little celebration of this liquid goal in the form of a festival, until two years ago, when the Association of Olive Oil Producers, St. Spirljun, together with the Jelsa Tourist Board, decided to devote some attention to this important aspect of island life. Days of Olive Oil of the island of Hvar is a chance for all island olive oil producers to bring their oil to the competition. It is a fun and educational evening in this long winter nights, and this year's event also has some workshops during the day. The main event is on Saturday, February 10, from 18:00 is the municipal building just off the main square.

All information we have is on the flyer below. May the best olive oil win!