Pula to Get First Coworking Space and Art Cluster

By 2 December 2017

The cultural scene in Pula is about to get a whole lot richer in content

On Friday, December 8, the first coworking/art cluster in Pula will open in the spaces of the Community Centre Rojc, reported Glas Istre on November 30, 2017.

The cluster, named Klub Kotač (The Wheel Club), is a non-commercial club founded by the Seasplash collective as an extension of the successful Edusplash programme, a multimedia platform for education and development. Klub Kotač is located on the ground floor of the Rojc centre, devised as a multimedia space for cultural production, educational programmes, and various projects and collaborations.

As stated by the founders, the initative was inspired by the limited offer of existing clubs, cultural centres and institutions in Pula, most of them having a mainstream character. Dissatisfied with the state of affairs, the young creative crew decided to breathe new life into the cultural and artistic scene in the city, so they devised Kotač with a wish to provide everyone with a chance to participate in future development and educational projects, be it collectives, associations, or individuals working in the cultural field.

The spaces will house workshops, business meetings, presentations, exhibitions, performances and other types of events and activities. The first one takes place on the opening night on Friday - a promotion of works created as part of the Edusplash platform, such as a photo exhibition and the Ableton live act. The crew is also about to present the programme of the 11th Seasplash platform that will take place throughout December at various locations in Pula.


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