One Man and His Dog: Snowshoe Running on Velebit

By 11 November 2017

November 11, 2017 - Continuing our weekly look at adrenaline Croatia through the fabulous videos of the one man and one dog team from Outdoors Croatia, this week's adventure involved snowshoe running on Velebit. 

Croatia is an adventure tourism paradise, be it on land, sea, river or lake. It has enormous potential to grow this sector of tourism, and obviously better promotion to showcase its rich diversity is an important step. 

Nobody is doing that better than the one man and one dog team from Outdoors Croatia, who seemingly not only are discovering every inch of this wonderful country through a variety of sporting activities, but are also producing some outstanding videos to show the world what the great Croatian outdoors has to offer. 

In this week's video, are two heroes go snowshoe running on Velebit, including a couple of stops in mountain huts on the way. 

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