New Wineshop Opens in Zagreb

By 7 November 2017

The centre of the city finally has a great wineshop - MIVA Wine Gallery.

The centre of Zagreb got a brand new wineshop last week, Telegram reports on November 7, 2017.

Some 30 square metres at Teslina Street will become home to around 500 bottles of wine. MIVA Galerija vina (Wine Gallery) is the second wine shop by Gordan Mohor and Vlado Šušak, with the first one being located in Vukovarska. They had been waiting for an adequate space in the centre for a long time. The centre of the city hasn't had a serious wine shop for tourists and other wine lovers who pass through it for quite some time now.

“We have been waiting for a location in the pedestrian centre of the city for a long time, and it looks like we have finally found it in Teslina 11. This was our first choice and, as soon as an opportunity arose, we took it,” says Mr Tomislav Tuđen, one of the owners.

They wanted to make the wineshop as similar as possible to their original shop in Vukovarska, for a very special reason.

“Our first shop was designed by our friend Christian Rendulić, who passed away recently. That is why we wanted to make this shop similar to our first one and recognisable. Architect Kora Demel Zadro did a great job,” Mr Tuđen said.

In addition to the most popular Croatian wines, you will be able to buy top foreign wines, Moët Hennessy sparkling wine, and artisanal chocolate.

Visitors will also be able to get premium quality olive oil, including CUJ and Škegro, at HRK 100 for a 0.25-litre bottle.

The owners selected some of their wines that wine lovers should definitely try, and there's something for everyone: G&J Tvoja krv i moja (HRK 182.50), Adžić graševina (HRK 66.50) and Coronica Malvazija (HRK 75.50).

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