Zagreb Nominates Sky Office for New European Medicines Agency Premises

By 27 September 2017

Zagreb is competing with other European capitals to become the new seat of the European Medicines Agency.

As the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is relocating from London, several EU countries have nominated their cities as the possible new location of the Agency’s premises, and Zagreb has recently presented its nomination as well.

Under the slogan “A new home for the EMA – a good life for you,” EMA in Zagreb website suggests that Zagreb is an ideal location for the new premises, due to the fact that the city has a "livable size and well-run administration, so everything happens quicker."

Another advantage of Zagreb stated on the website is the fact that, in addition to being well connected to many European cities, the airport is close to the city centre.

Mate Rimac’s Concept One is mentioned as one of the examples of Croatian innovation in the field of research and development, and the city’s lifestyle is described as the combination of a relaxed attitude, but with a sense of order.

Screenshot from the official brochure

Zagreb having one of the oldest public healthcare systems is also mentioned as a positive side, as well as the personnel’s fluency in English, and the expat community – according to the brochure, "Zagreb has the highest score of any EU capital for the integration of foreigners."

Visit the official website here, see the brochure here, and watch the video below: