'Buy Croatian' Fair: Eat and Dress from Head to Socks in Croatian Products

By 22 September 2017

The praiseworthy action 'Buy Croatian' celebrates its 20th birthday.

'Buy Croatian' Fair is taking place at Jelačić Square and European Square in Zagreb from September 21 to September 22, 2017.

There are numerous obrts (crafts) and OPGs (family-run farms) selling various products all made in Croatia, including everything from natural jams and juices made of apple, elderberry, blackberry and aronia (chokeberry), honey, ajvar, prosciutto and fresh homegrown fruits and vegetables to cosmetic products, clothes, socks and umbrellas. There are also many successful Croatian companies such as Kraš and Borovo selling their products at discount prices, reports 24 sata on September 21, 2017.


Five pairs of socks for 20 kunas

You can buy socks from Obrt Iva (Iva craft) from Sveta Nedjelja - five pairs of men's socks for only 20 kunas. Crotex Hosiery Factory from Bjelovar is also selling socks at great prices: kids socks for 5 kunas, women's and men's for 8. A pack of men's socks of five costs 25 kunas. They also offer men's socks at the price of 10 kunas, and kids at 6, claiming to be of premium quality. You can also buy them for the same price at Bjelovar market. At the European Square, you can buy Lumiko tracksuits; sweatpants for HRK 100, and sweatshirt for 150 or 170 kunas. You can also buy them at same prices on their stands at Zagreb's Hrelić market and Split's Pazar.


Anatomic leather slippers Otos from Osijek are sold at a discount price (20 percent cheaper) - from 216 to 227 kunas. At the nearby stand, the Benčević family from Vinkovci are selling the traditional Slavonian jackets and capes 'reklje' and 'pelerine', vests and handbags. 'Reklja' made of acrylic and cotton or acrylic and wool blend costs HRK 350, while the one made from pure wool costs HRK 600. The jackets seem to be very popular with the buyers since they have recently sold out at the Vinkovci Autumns.

Croatian umbrella company Tabacco is selling original Croatian umbrellas, the cheapest being 30 kunas and the most expensive about 200, while the average price is around 50 kunas. They also repair (only) their own umbrellas for free. You can also furnish your home with Croatian products such as cushions and eiderdowns (duvets with duck feathers) made by Protex company from Đakovo, which are sold for 300 - 450 and some are even 700 kunas, depending on the thickness and quality of the duvets.


Food products at cheap prices

Stands with food products are located on Jelačić Square. There you can try delicious Croatian delicacies and buy various food products at great prices. You can try a 'plitvička štrudla' ('Plitvice strudel') for 10 kunas, or eight different strudels for 60 kunas, made from poppy seeds, cherries, apples and cheese. Etno-fletno Association from Samobor sells strudels made of cheese, pumpkin, spinach and poppy seeds for only 5 kunas. You can also try and buy their gibanica (traditional pastry dish) made of walnuts, poppy seeds and cheese for 50 kunas.


You can buy delicious homemade juices and liqueurs made from blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and even sage at the stand of OPG Branko Kovačić from Čazma. OPG Bedeković from Donji Dragonožec offers meat products from black Slavonian pigs that are bred in Turopolje. from black puddings for 30 kunas, garlick sausage for 65, and Kulen sausage for 180 kunas per kilogram. Many products at the fair are cheaper than usual, such as sauces, pickled paprika, mustard and ajvar at the Volim Ljuto stand are 15 percent cheaper from their online prices.

At the Kraš and Labud stands, prices are also cheaper than in their stores. Dorina Milk Chocolate by Kraš is sold for 5 kunas, 300 grams of Bajadera for 50, and 200 g for 34 kunas. Griotte and other chocolates, cookies, candies and boxes of chocolates are also cheaper. At the Labud stand, a half litre of Čarli dish detergent is sold for 5 kunas, while the Sanitar all-purpose liquid cleaning spray is sold for 8 and 10 kunas.


Natural cosmetics

You can buy a bottle of deciliter of hemp oil for 40 kunas, half a litre for 150 kunas, 150 grams of unroasted seeds of hemp is 20 kunas and dried hemp used to make a hot drink costs 30 kunas. These and other products made of hemp, such as cake and cosmetics are made by OPG Kalić from Đakovo.

The beekeeper Ivan Curiš from Konjščina in Zagorje makes natural cosmetics made from bee venom. He says she has been collecting the bee poison for 28 years, which he uses to make dozens of products. Various creams are sold for 100 kunas and can be bought in most of the dm stores for 139 kunas. He even exports them to Canada and Australia.



Source: 24sata