First International Gastronomy Study Programme Opens in Zagreb

By 21 September 2017

The study program lasts for three years and it is implemented as a full or a part-time study.

After Aspira University College established the study programme in Split, Zagreb also got its Gastronomy Study Programme at an opening ceremony that took place at Zagreb’s Esplanade Hotel yesterday, on September 20, 2017.

Tourism Minister Gari Cappelli said that this was a big step that shows the ongoing progress in Croatian tourism, which is getting closer to reaching the 100 million overnight stays milestone. He encouraged young people to use their innovativeness and creativity to make other big and positive steps that would bring new business victories and improve the competitiveness of Croatian tourism.

Deputy Mayor Ms Olivera Mandić pointed out that continuous dedicated work is the guiding principle of Aspira University College and the basis of its reputation. Opening an international study programme is an example of how you can always be better and more innovative.

There was a panel on the importance of higher education for workers in the hospitality industry, but the most popular event was the spectacular cooking show. German chef Michael Noss and Croatian chefs Damir Modrušan (Zigante), Ana Grgić (Esplanade), and Aspira’s mentor-chef Antun Nišević guided students in preparing top delicacies Pastry chef Marija Gudelj made delicious desserts, and the event was made complete by sommeliers Mario Meštrović and Ivan Jug, as well as barman Marin Nekić and barista Tomislav Stančić.

Famous chefs Priska Thuring, Branko Ognjenović, Goran Kočiš, Filip Horvat, Jeffrey Vella and Tomislav Đukić also attended the event.

According to Aspira, "Croatia has been successfully building the status of one of the fastest growing Mediterranean gourmet destinations. Its growth and development are based on a rich gastro-oenological tradition, as well as on an increasing offer of a variety of restaurants with a high-quality selection of local gastronomy and oenology. For a gastro-oenological product to develop, it takes a high-quality staff trained to create top-quality products which keep pace with the latest developments in preparing and presenting the methods of preparing meals, in accordance with the requirements and needs of the tourist market. With this new course, University College Aspira encourages excellence in gastronomy and, as the only such higher education institution, educates students to be the holders of the development of Croatian gastronomy."

After completing the three-year study programme, students become Bachelor of International Management in Hospitality and Tourism (BSc Econ), majoring in Gastronomy.

Find out more about the course here.


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