Is Croatian Bureaucracy Preventing a Human Klepetan and Malena Love Story?

By 20 September 2017

A plea for help for a smitten South African, trying to get back to Zagreb to be with his Croatian love on September 20, 2017. 

Trying to date a Croatian girl as a foreigner is no easy task. They are gorgeous, stylish and cultured, and usually way out of our league.  

But, even supposing you find one willing to take pity on you and agree to be your girlfriend, your journey to true love is only just beginning.

For this is The Beautiful Croatia, where if bureaucracy can get in the way, it does get in the way.

We receive a LOT of requests to publish appeals for help, and we very rarely do, because it would be then hard to say no to the next appeal, and suddenly the site would have a different focus - we hope you understand.

But sometimes an appeal touches us in a different way - perhaps the reference to Klepetan and Malena, whose love was borderless and visa-less, unlike the human variety.

Does anyone have any advice as to how Jonathan can be reunited with his love?  

Hi Total Croatia team,

I am Jonathan, I am a South African citizen and I am in a relationship with a Croatian girl, I am having such issues getting a visa to come back to be with my darling.

Take a look at the email below that I have sent to the ministry:

Good morning Minister Burić and ministers/secretaries,

I hope this email finds you well.

My name is Jonathan and I am a South African citizen.

I was in Croatia (Zagreb) as a visitor.

I have been dating a Croatian girl, Lorena for the past 2 years.

This is a magical love story similar to Klepetan and Malena.

We were introduced to each other by our Croatian friends that are living in South Africa, Rino and Anja.

I first came to Croatia in December and absolutely fell in love. I had my first swim in the Adriatic sea on January 1st... It was cold, but oh so fresh.

I then returned to South Africa, but it was not the same, I felt like I had left my soul in Croatia.

I then came back in March and I tried to submit an application to stay in Croatia. I was then informed that I will need to return to South Africa to submit the application, which I have done.

I was informed that I may go and collect my partnership visa, but when I went to fetch it at the Embassy in Pretoria they said that I need to apply for a visitors visa and that I will need to go back to Zagreb and submit my application there, but this is contradictory to what all other members of MVEP have told me, so we are faced with some confusion at the moment.

The thought of not coming back to Croatia and the girl I love is killing me on the inside.

I have been offered a job in Croatia, this is the basis of the application for temporary stay. It isn't a good paying job, but it does allow me to be with my darling.

There are other job offers for me, but I need to be in Zagreb in order to have the meetings.

Is there any way you can assist me so that I can come back to Zagreb and be with the love of my life?

My goal is to learn Croatian and learn about the rich culture Croatia has to offer and eventually become a Croatian citizen because I love the country so much and I would like to make my life there with my darling.

Please do consider my request.

I will appreciate any assistance you may provide me.

Further to my previous mail, I want to just let you know that I do not require and will not require anything from the state of Croatia.

I just want to be able to live and work in Croatia and contribute to the Croatian economy and make Croatia my home.


I am so lost at the moment because I just want to get back to Zagreb and start living my life.

The reason I have emailed you is because we are trying to get my story out there.