Construction Work on New American International School in Zagreb Begins

By 12 September 2017

The new school will be located near Bundek Lake.

US Ambassador to Croatia, Ms Juliete Valls Noyes and Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić attended an event to mark the beginning of construction works on a new American International School in Zagreb at Zagreb’s Bundek.
The school, founded in 1966, will stay at its current location (at Voćarska 106) until next school year, and after that, it will move to a new building at the corner of Damira Tomljanovića and Savezne Republike Njemačke Streets, located at a 20,000 m2 area.

Ambassador Valls Noyes thanked everyone who helped the school get its new location in the centre of Zagreb. This is an important event in the history of our school, as well as in the history of Zagreb, and it means that the school will have an important role to play for decades to come, she said.

There are 265 pupils in the school, from more than 30 countries, 26 of which are attending kindergarten, 98 primary school, 59 high school, and 82 colleges. The school employs 50 teachers and other staff.

Mayor Bandić said that this event was just as important for him and for Zagreb as the construction of the new Embassy building had been 15 years ago because it shows that the USA appreciates Croatia. He also thanked the USA for helping Croatian fight for its freedom and building a democracy.

In addition to the American International School and its state-of-the-art campus for 480 students, a separate and independent building with a Croatian kindergarten and primary school will also be built at the location.

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American International School of Zagreb

“The architectural design of the new school has been customized to the modern American education system where the teaching method only occasionally involves the traditional classroom with the students facing the teacher but rather children mainly learning in groups or individually in classes or multi-purpose open areas." (American International School of Zagreb)