Freediving Attracts Divers and Tourists to Veli Školj near Pakoštane

By 1 September 2017

There is an increasing interest in the freediving activities along the coast of Croatia.


Diving Center Nautilus in cooperation with Fan Club Mate Mišo Kovač and Paintball Club Pakoštane, as well as representatives of the local community of young people, organized a free freediving workshop on the island of Veli Školj near Pakoštane aptly named Školjing, reports on September 1, 2017.

In spite of the relentless maestral wind blowing almost constantly, the organisers successfully transferred 50 interested participants to Veli Školj island, where, in the shallow area along the island, the course took place.Along with participants and divers from the region and nearby countries, this small local event turned international by having caught the interest of a large number of tourists as well."The diving club is stunned that so many young people have shown interest in freediving. We'll just have to do our best to keep organising such events in the future, that's what we would like to do. As a part of the course, we had a lot of fun activities prepared for the participants who had completed the training with excellent marks. We would like to thank all the participants of Školjing and those who have selflessly assisted in the organization and all those who participated in the event, especially the co-organizers and sponsors without whom such international event couldn't have been possible," said Dino Maksan from RK Nautilus.

Special thanks were given to members of the Paintball Club who made a special effort providing transport services and assisting with the whole organization, members of the Fan club MMK, who provided boats for transporting participants to the island, Horvat Autoservis who provided sound equipment and system and gave a huge contribution to the event as well as members of DVD Pakoštane - Vrgada - Vrana who ensured safety of the whole event.

So, keep your eyes peeled for similar events coming up along the coast and be sure not to miss an opportunity to experience the Adriatic in a new and exciting way.

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