Maja Bonačić Arrives in Slavonski Brod from Korčula - By Bike!

From Korčula to Slavonski Brod...

The children of Slavonski Brod gathered, with their parents, grandparents and other residents to welcome Maja Bonačić after her three day, 500km, journey from the island of Korčula to Slavonski Brod, by bike.

Maja Bonačić, psychologist and founder of non-profit organisation “Oblačić” arrived at 3:30pm, 26/8, much to the delight of the children awaiting her arrival, unphased by the scorching heat. Whilst parents awaited eagerly to thank her for her huge efforts.

The gathering was a symbolic gesture, the children of Korčula sent the children of Slavonski Brod a jar of “fresh air” to show their support and concern for the problem the city is facing regarding the pollution caused by the oil refinery, over the border in Bosnia. The fairies from the organisation ‘Vilin put” accepted the symbolic gift and shared it with all of the children.

The event was organised by a number of non-profit organisations and Facebook group, mums from Slavonski Brod.

In the last year, there have been 200 days where air pollution was measured to be alarmingly high. Obviously even children have recognised this to be an important issue, which is showing to be detrimental to the residents of Slavonski Brod, with three teens undergoing treatment in Zagreb for malignant diseases, all attending the same school.

Statistics show Slavonski Brod has the most children diagnosed with malignant disease in Croatia.

Obviously, this is causing great concern amongst residents, a concern shared by children, although not as concerning for Croatia’s politicians, who, even eight years on still have no action plan, Slavonski Brod has five of its own residents as representatives in Parliament, none of whom have taken a firm stance on the issue.