'Mom and Dad, I'm Off to England to See Hajduk Play'

By 17 August 2017

If you're living with your parents, it's best to let them know in advance when you're about to disappear for a couple of days, be it a holiday, a visit to a friend or... a short trip to England to see your favourite club play.

On certain occasions, one might be tempted to skip the warning and just set off, calling said parents only after the deed is done. Y'know, to avoid the whole monologue you would've been served with. You're gonna hear it either way, so at least you could enjoy the trip first, right?

One young Hajduk fan from Split decided for the second option, sending a message to his brother once he was well on his way to Liverpool to see Hajduk play against Everton. The message was published in the Facebook group Dnevna doza prosječnog Dalmatinca (Daily dose of an average Dalmatian) – here's what is says:

"Show this to mom and dad. I'm off to England to see Hajduk. I brought warm clothes and I have enough kuna, I'll call you when I arrive. Don't be afraid, I'll call you every day and explain everything once I get home. I'm back on Sunday evening or Monday morning, I have my textbooks with me so I can study on the way. And don't be worried for no reason, nothing's gonna happen to me. Btw your dog's collar fell off, watch out when you let him out. Let mom and dad know by tomorrow afternoon."



It's hard to decide what the best part is – letting mama know he brought warm clothes along, as every child knows that's the first thing she'll ask about? Or mentioning he's gonna study along the way - this one got the public cracking up. It might be even the casual warning about the dog. The young unnamed fan thought of everything and brought a smile to our faces – safe travels, pal, and good luck to Hajduk tonight!

(Oh, one more thing, we were kidding about setting off without a warning. When you're about to head across the continent, let you parents know so they wouldn't worry. They're gonna worry either way, but at least they'll know where you are.)


Photo credit: HNK Hajduk Split Facebook