BBC Announces Reality Show to be Filmed in Croatia

By 15 August 2017

Tuesday 15th August 2017, BBC Three announces filming of reality show “The Brits are Coming” in Croatia.

Is it just me who read this news and thought – great? Just what Croatia needs, more promotion of party tourism. We have covered this topic from many angles and have avoided giving in to writing about every time drunken antics make the British headlines.

Recently, the New York Times came to Hvar to interview the mayor about his plans for the future of Hvar, they also met with Total Croatia News’ main man – Paul Bradbury, who gave his thoughts on the subject (read more here)

Yet, here we go again. Croatia is about to be thrust into the spotlight for exactly what we are trying to move away from.

Just six weeks ago, the Mayor of Novalja had this to say about the party image his town is getting and drunken behaviour of English tourists.

“I have mixed feelings of sadness, bitterness and responsibility as a mayor of this town who is deceived and humiliated by barbarism and the unskilled portion of the young English guests. The fact that the English tourists have extremely high-paying powers for our conditions, doesn’t give them right to behave this way which leaves the locals helpless in front of the primitive behaviour, nudity, and drunkenness. Therefore, as the Mayor, I apologise to all of my fellow citizens who are insulted by this behaviour and who are indignant by all that we have seen these past days on our streets."

Yet, ironically this show is about young Brits who are coming to Croatia to holiday and no doubt party; talk about adding salt to the wound. BBC Three says “viewers can expect guaranteed British banter, unexpected holiday drama and maybe even some summer romances. Throughout the two weeks we’ll meet a variety of Brits, from young DJs heading out for their first Croatian DJ set, to a young girl on her first foreign holiday, and an army lad who has spent the last two months living with his parents to save up and many more set to visit the island.”

Filming is reported to take place in Novalja on the island of Pag. British Tabloid 'The Sun' remarks - 'it will focus on the debauched antics of youngsters in Europe’s hottest new party resort.'

While Damian Kavanagh from BBC Three says - "This will be an authentic series of films exploring the real lives of young people today and will build on the innovative approach BBC Three has to documentary storytelling.”

A much milder and almost poetic description of what the show will be about, let's hope it rings truer than The Sun's comments.

See the BBC release here.