Beach Library Opening at Koralj in Krk!

By 3 August 2017

Following Ugljan's example, another Croatian island introduces a beach library

Remember the great initiative on Ugljan island, where a group of book lovers took matters into their own hands and installed micro-libraries at three beaches?

The reading virus - the best kind! - is spreading all over the coast. Member of 'Creative Krk' Association installed a new object next to Koralj beach in Krk town, and are planning to stock it with books in the coming days. The local authorities gave their blessing to the project, and it's just a matter of time before the shelves get filled with riveting novels.

The fund of this outstanding reading centre is slowly expanding thanks to donations by citizens and tourists, who are generously gifting novels both in Croatian and foreign languages. Members of 'Creative Krk' Luka Adžić Kapitanović and David Mrakovčić said they're hoping to assemble a collection of Croatian authors translated into other languages, in order to introduce the summer visitors to Croatian literature.

The beach library looks like a small pavilion built with thin wooden beams, making for a subtle-looking, simple structure that perfectly fits into its environment. When the members gathered to assemble the shelves, they were pleasantly surprised to see locals and tourists in passing stopping by and lending a helpful hand. Some of the members of a local association of pensioners joined to help as well.

Next time you visit Krk, the Koralj beach will be much richer in content. When you remember how many people switched to e-readers, it's nice to think of all future beachgoers finding a spot in the shade and flipping through the pages of a good book. 


Source: Novi list