Days of Pošip 2017 Upcoming

By 28 July 2017

The entire island of Korčula, especially Smokvica and Čara, can boast a tradition of wine growing and winemaking since Greek times. There is much evidence to this, especially in two and a half thousand years old presses next to an old winery and remnants of Greek summer homes, in front of which lie endless areas cultivated with vines.

Pošip is one of the best and most known Croatian white wines, made from the same name indigenous variety of grapes from the limited positions in Smokvica and Čara. It was the first Croatian white wine protected by geographic origin in 1967 (a full 50 years ago!).

Today it still grows best on positions in Čara and Smokvica, providing an entire palette of wine – from sparklings, then fresh, light, summer wines to complex and aged, all the way to an interesting Pošip from amphorae, or qvevri, ny young winemaker Ante Milina from Smokvica. The Pošip Amfora from 2015 was released this year and shows an entirely new face of Pošip – a rich, complex and certainly different one. If this is the right path for Pošip, you can check at Days of Pošip!

During the Open Days of Smokvica and Čara wineries, you can visit them and taste Pošip between 29 July and 5 August 2017, every day from 19-21h, with tasting glasses that can be purchased in wineries and on Wine Night on 6 August in Brna. During the visits to the wineries, besides the glass, you will also need a voucher which comes with the glass purchase.

At the closing ceremony, Wine Night, you can socialise with winemakers and their wines, and also enjoy the performance of the Puntamika a capella group.