Alcohol Doesn't Count as Hydrating, Warns Croatian Mountain Rescue Service

Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS) remains the unchallenged social media champion.

After their delightfully worded tourist announcement published a couple of weeks ago, they continue to win over their followers' hearts with each Twitter and Facebook post.

As we reported on Monday, temperatures have been rising rapidly and will supposedly hit the 38 C mark on Saturday. HGSS's latest hit is a weather-related alert issued two days ago: they went into full mothering mode and warned the tourists about the upcoming heat wave in Croatia, reminding them to stay hydrated. However, HGSS wouldn't be the social-network supreme ruler we all know and love if they didn't end the announcement with an amusing (and again, totally mom-like) twist:


"#deartourists it'll be extremely hot in Cro next week, mainland especially. Hydrate! Drinking alcohol isn't hydrating. It's getting drunk!"

The post is already followed by a chain of cheerful comments, such as "Colourless liquid in small glasses is not water. Locals might drink it but it takes years of practice mastering the power of rakija". (Accurate.) Proving the warning isn't exclusive to tourists, Croatian followers are tagging their friends, remarking they should start following HGSS's advice as well.

Jokes aside, the advice is a part of HGSS's philosophy that it's better to prevent accidents than to take care of them once it's too late, and we completely agree. Listen to the professionals and drink a lot of water – it's easier to wait until sundown to have that cocktail than to spend the rest of your time in Croatia in a hospital. Oh, and make sure to follow HGSS on Facebook and Twitter for more well-meaning reminders on how to make sure your vacation goes as smoothly as possible.