New Version of Classic Nokia 3310 Arrives in Croatia!

Remember the all-powerful Nokia that could crack concrete when you dropped it and seemed to have an immortal battery life? It's back...

The Nokia 3310, is there any more to say, really? It was everyone's favourite phone, with its removable ''skins'' (yes, they came before cases, I know it seems generations ago now), its nerve-breaking ringtones and enviable durability.

The Nokia 3310 was a product created during the height of the time when mobile phones were made with the highest quality material in mind, it boasted a mind-boggling battery life and you could do pretty much anything to it without seeing it break. It's first appearance on the world tech stage back in the year 2000 saw it entered into the techological history books and famed for its ability to withstand pretty much anything and, well, its inability, to die.

The ''brick'' as it was once known, is also the best-selling mobile phone in Croatia to date.

From the time of the presentation of the ''new model'' of the classic 3310 in Barcelona back in February of this year, there has been unprecedented customer interest and a large number of inquiries for the new model.

This updated model, as well as the original, features exceptionally strong and durable housing, almost immune to damage, but also with a replacement case that allows for personalisation. The Nokia 3310 (2017 edition) is 53g lighter than the original model (we all remember how the old one made the wrist ache after ten minutes of holding it), and the design is made with a more aesthetic, modern approach to how the phone should look, making it appear more sleek and less robust.

The new 2.4-inch color LCD screen is equipped with a polarising layer that allows for uninterrupted operation even when the sunlight is extremely bright, a problem faced by almost everyone with almost every conceivable device, from laptops to ipads to phones. The 2017 version also comes with a 2MP flash camera and video recording capability. The most impressive new feature is a detachable battery that can withstand an incredible 22 hours talk time and up to 31 days in standby mode. Impressive to say the least.

The great return of the legendary 3310 has not forgotten the one thing absolutely everyone remembers about the good old brick - SNAKE. Although various versions of this endlessly popular game have been made available over the years as smartphone apps, the new, ''true to memory'' Nokia 3310 version comes built in with redesigned colour and sharpness.