Richard Hammond Crashes Mate Rimac’s Concept One

By 10 June 2017

The car is destroyed, but the TV star is not seriously hurt.

Richard Hammond, the former presenter of Top Gear and current member of the Grand Tour team, was urgently taken to hospital after a terrible accident in Switzerland. The 47-year-old was driving Concept One, an electric supercar designed by Croatian entrepreneur Mate Rimac when he crashed in hills in Switzerland. The photos show that the car has been destroyed.

Hammond was taken to the hospital by a helicopter, and it seems he will be fine. “Richard is conscious, but he is still in shock. He is currently in the hospital where doctors have diagnosed a knee fracture. It is unbelievable that he came out of this accident with such minor injuries,” said the source for The Sun.

Witnesses say the accident looked terrible. “The car turned completely, and the fire started immediately. We were all scared, but emergency services came very quickly. Richard was lucky.”

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This is not the first time that Hammond has cheated death. In an accident in 2006, Hammond crashed at speeds of more than 300 kilometers per hour and suffered severe head injuries.

Rimac Automobili has confirmed the accident. “Rimac Automobili can confirm that the Concept_One, tested by the crew of The Grand Tour against two other supercars in Switzerland this week, was involved in an accident. The filming in Switzerland was ongoing from June 5th and involved various tests – including a hill climb race on June 10th. Following the accident, the driver – Richard Hammond - was assessed at a local hospital. The Grand Tour team assures he has not suffered any severe injuries,” says the brief statement.

Mate Rimac also issued a personal statement immediately after the accident. “Richard is fine. We wish him a quick recovery,” wrote Rimac on Facebook.

Concept One is a two-seat high-performance electric sports car designed and manufactured by Croatia’s Rimac Automobili. Concept One has been described as the world's first electric supercar, becoming the world's fastest accelerating electric automobile as of 2013, to be only caught up in 2015 by the Rimac Concept S. The car was introduced at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, and also shown at the 2012 Paris Concours d'Elegance, where it received positive reviews.

In a recent interview, Mate Rimac spoke about his approach to innovation and his plans for the future.

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