Croatian Renters Offer Free Accommodation for Children With Disabilities

We live in an alienating age where random acts of kindness are not often seen, and the average member of society usually thinks only about how to turn a profit.

It's nice to see there are still some who are ready to help people in need, even at the expense of their own income from tourism in the lucrative summer months.

A Facebook group called Renters With Heart (Iznajmljivači sa srcem) has its members offering accommodation at no charge to families with children with developmental disabilities or serious illnesses, as well as families who otherwise couldn't afford a vacation.

Various types of facilities are offered: apartments, houses, villas... and according to the group's founders, any type of tourist accommodation is welcome.

They stated they're still lacking in facilities, asking property owners from Zadar, Split, Gospić, Biograd, Plitvice, Opatija and other towns to participate.

Take a look at the group and join the initiative if you can, and spread the word about this commendable project!


Slobodna Dalmacija