15 Foreign Ambassadors to March at Zagreb Pride Tomorrow

15 ambassadors and deputy ambassadors, including ambassadors of the UK, Sweden, and Canada, will join the Zagreb Pride March tomorrow.

“By marching together, we wish to express a common belief in LGBTI persons’ (human) rights to live freely, without facing prejudice, abuse, discrimination, or violence.

By marching in Zagreb Pride, we want to celebrate being different and tolerant, and express our support to a community whose members, even today, are at risk of becoming victims.

Just like Croatia, our countries have moved away from their past mistakes and prejudice. However, by acting together, we can accomplish more than that. LGBTI persons are still not safe or free.

Zagreb Pride – as well as any other Pride in the world – does not seek any privileges. These events will be held until LGBTI persons have the same level of rights, dignity, and respect as everyone else – nothing more or less. By participating in similar events, diplomats around the world express their support to the fight for universal human rights.

Ambassadors and deputy ambassadors will meet tomorrow at 3:45 p.m. in front of Mimara Museum before marching together in Zagreb Pride.”