Art and Culture Transforming Communities: TEH Conference in Pula

Spending time in Istria this week? There's a great event in Pula that's worth a visit

The international TEH conference titled 'Culture and Sharing Communities' is taking place in Pula from Thursday, 25 May to Sunday, 28 May, reports Glas Istre.

The conference is uniting 250 international culture professionals along with 30 lecturers and presenters from all over Europe to discuss the possible impact of art and culture centers in local communities. The Community Centre Rojc, a network of civil society organisations, announced a three-day programme aiming to explore the ways in which art can make citizens more active, as well as create communities that will be supportive and democratic in character.

Here's what the official announcement states: "No community can exist without sharing. What are the role of cultural centres in communities? How can practices of sharing foster artistic production, and build a more democratic society? How can cultural centres develop a culture of sharing and what are their role in changing paradigms for living? How can cultural and community centres, as places of sharing and imagination, become cradles of social innovation and Communities of Practices?"

The conference aims to explore potentials of community development through co-working, co-living, co-producing and co-governing. The programme is open to all interested citizens and is divided in three themed units: theoretical panels on Thursday, workshop sessions on Friday and action labs on Saturday, followed with a Sunday outing in form of a field trip to the forts Casoni Vechhi and Punta Cristo.

A rich cultural programme is planned for every evening during the conference: young violinists will play on Thursday at Rojc inner courtyard, followed by a concert of the Wind orchestra of Pula and a DJ programme by the Kolektiv Buka Noise. Friday is reserved for a presentation of interactive light installations created by Visualia Group and a choir performance of Cantus PoPuli, followed by an after party with DJ Teddy Lee. On Saturday evening there's a dance performance by the Breakdance Studio AB Original, a theatre play staged by Theatre Dr.Inat, and a live show by a few local bands. All the performers are members of the Rojc Alliance, whose building houses 108 associations from various fields.

You can find out more about the conference here, and the full programme can be downloaded here.