The Guardian Names Croatian Music Festival One of 10 Best in Europe

By 3 April 2017

Just yesterday TCN announced that 6 Croatian clubs were named in the top 100 best in the world. Today, TCN brings readers more music recognition for Croatia.

It’s no surprise that this year will be a busy one for music festivalgoers. While new festivals are popping up all over Europe, Croatia alone is looking forward to its most active music festival season yet. 

A nearly impossible task, British daily newspaper The Guardian has found a way to name the top 10 music festivals in Europe on April 3, 2017. And among them? A Croatian favorite.

Outlook Festival has been included by The Guardian on their prestigious list of the best music festivals in Europe. Writer Will Coldwell describes the festival as a “musical bone-shaker of Croatia”.

This year, Outlook Festival celebrates 10 years and boasts major players in the grime, bass, and underground hip-hop scene. And the best part? The festival is held in an abandoned fort in the seaside city of Pula.

Still not convinced? Take a look at the Outlook 2016 highlight video below.

You can find the full list of the 10 best music festivals in Europe here.