Photos Emerge as Dubrovnik Transforms into Nottingham by Night

By 20 February 2017

''Nottingham by Night'' as photographed by Spomenka Saraga.

Nottingham by night is truly a beautiful sight, and by that I mean my hometown of the City of Nottingham, nestled in the picturesque remnants of the original Sherwood Forest in middle England. Speaking honestly, after seeing a great many embarrassing and even catastrophic films about Nottingham's hero, I must admit I was highly suspicious about Dubrovnik of all places taking on the role of Nottingham for the much anticipated new film Robin Hood: Origins, but I won't bore you with that now, you can read my thoughts here if you want to know more. With all that being said, I am growing increasingly calmer when I see the truly immense level of care and effort being put into preparations for the blockbuster, something which previous productions on the subject appear to have lacked entirely. Take a look at these impressive photos of ''Nottingham by night'' taken by Spomenka Saraga and you'll see what I mean: