Love Makarska Beaches? Welcome to the January Ice Video

By 8 January 2017

As Croatia's cold spell continues, our correspondents have been out and about, with TCN's Vice Rudan capturing an icy waterfront of the Makarska Riveria on January 7, 2017. Great videos!

It is one of the most popular beach havens on the Adriatic, the endless beaches and pristine waters of the Makarska Riviera, but sometimes...

When the tourists are gone, and winter is here, the bura can blow.

Some excellent footage of a very rare commodity on the Makarska Riviera waterfront yesterday - ice. 

The Makarska St Peter Lighthouse covered in ice below.

And a chilly look at the port of Mararksa.

Concerned tourists should not worry - regular warm temperatures and ideal sunbathing conditions will be returned shortly. In the meantime, why not learn more about the Makarska Riviera with our 25 Things to Know about Dalmatia's Beach Heaven?