Nottingham Invades Dubrovnik: Robin Hood Filmset Building (VIDEO)

By 11 December 2016

A look at the preparations for the latest major film shooting in Dubrovnik on December 10, 2016: Robin Hood - Origins.

With more than a million visitors already walking its famous walls, and a similar number of cruise ship visitors in 2016, there is no doubt that tourism in Dubrovnik is booming, but the city is also becoming a magnet for other reasons too. 

First came Game of Thrones (soon to be back again), then Star Wars. The Pearl of the Adriatic is an idyllic filmset, and one which is growing in popularity with actual filming. 

The latest production of course is Robin Hood: Origins. So far, confirmed locations for filming "Robin Hood", to embody the city of Nottingham, include part of Stradun, Sveti Dominik street, Gradski porat and the area under the bridge at Ploče. The set design will begin in December, and the filming will take place over three weeks in February and March 2017. The premiere of the film is planned for early 2018.

Construction is underway, as one can see from this video from The Dubrovnik Times

And did you notice that gorgeous mid-December Dalmatian weather in the background...