Cro-Sea Fast Food From the Adriatic Opens in Zadar

By 22 July 2016

This fast food place only offers dishes made from small pelagic fish from the Adriatic.

If you’ve had enough of cevapcici, pizza, melted sandwiches and Mc Donald’s and just want a quick seafood bite on the go, try Cro –Sea. First fast food restaurant offering snacks based on small pelagic fish opened in Zadar on Obala Petra Krešimira IV, just below the Forum, Radio Zadar reports on July 22, 2016.

This is a pilot project was initiated by a local action fishery group LAGUR plodovi mora, and they are currently testing whether there is an interest on the market for this particular venture. Along with LAGUR plodovi mora, the project is supported by the City of Zadar, Croatian Chamber of Economy, Zadar Tourist Board and the Hotel and hospitality school in Zadar.

The main aim of this project is to increase the sales and consumption of small pelagic fish through CroSea hospitality outlets. CroSea is envisioned as a practical, easily accessible and wallet-friendly meal made out of blue (pelagic) fish and as opposed to most fast food dishes available on the market, CroSea offers healthy meals that connect local culinary traditions and modern tourist offer. The main target group are the so-called Take Away consumers, mostly younger people as well as domestic and foreign tourists that are looking for a quick and convenient meal during their holiday.

Long term goal of this project is to expand to other cities on the coast and to commercialise the outlets, in other words, the intention is to create a fast food chain based on pelagic fish from the Adriatic.
Some of you may remember that a similar project was launched in 2008 with the Srdela Snack chain, but unfortunately, back then, people were still more interested in cevapi than healthier fast food options so we hope CroSea will have more success and luck than its predecessor.

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