Ultranauts Get Ready! We Have the Dates for Ultra Europe 2016!

By 22 October 2015
See you in Split July 14 -20, 2016

The wait is finally over. Not only for Ultra Music Festival fans but also for all hotel and private accommodation owners ( I can just see some of them rushing to the nearest computer to change their accommodation prices on

The dates for Ultra Europe have been announced on October 22 2015, and next year's edition will last for a full week. As expected, Ultra Europe will take place in the week after the Euro 2016 finals. So start clearing your schedules, booking your tickets, reserving your days off and all other activities you have to undertake to get to Split in July next year.

Since a picture usually says a thousand words, we'll let the official announcement from the organisers do the talking:

As you can see, not all venues have been confirmed yet, but as soon as we get the info, you'll be among the first to know.

For everything else, there's