Is it Time for Split to Impose Rules of Conduct for Tourists?

By 6 May 2016

Should we really allow tourists to behave any which way they want while they are on holiday?

Split has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia over the last few years, especially for younger guests, but on May 5, 2016, after an incident on the Riva, we have to wonder whether it is time for Split officials to start thinking about some general rules of conduct like Dubrovnik. 

Though it's nice to see young people having a great time in Croatia, and some of the escapades were downright funny (embarrassing for the people involved but funny for the onlookers) a group of male foreign tourists really crossed the line in one of the busiest locations in Split. Visibly intoxicated they decided to take a swim, and some of them decided it would be even more fun to do it completely naked. Since the Riva is not exactly envisioned as a public beach, most of them had a hard time getting back on dry land, so scratches and minor injuries were unavoidable.


Photo by Pero Brcic


Total Croatia News' Lauren Simmonds reported on the new dress code for tourists in Dubrovnik, and fueled by the latest incident, we have to ask whether the time has finally come to say enough is enough and impose some rules of conduct or at least a minimal dress code for locals and tourists alike. We're quite certain if they pulled a stunt like that anywhere in their own country they would have been at least fined for public indecency, so there's no reason why this sort of behaviour should be accepted in Split.

And just i case they were too intoxicated to remember their little escapade, here's a nice little video reminder courtesy of Dalmatinski portal