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Batistić-Zure Winery

By 17 January 2018

On the sea just seven kilometers south of Korčula town lies the fishing village of Lumbarda, famous since ancient times because of its vineyards and olive growing. The Batistić-Zure household, within which is also a family restaurant, is located at the entrance to Lumbarda. Accommodation capacities are located in an object just next to the road and the sea, and vineyards and olive groves are scattered around the resorts, in picturesque sandy fields and on the slopes near the sea. The members of this household work diligently throughout the year for their guests successfully supply healthy food to their own production. Batistić-Zure Winery specializes in Grk and Plavac Mali. 

Bartul Batistić-Zure
20263 Lumbarda

Korčula Island

+385 (0)20 712 008
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