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Parking in Korčula Town

By 21 May 2018

It is expected that a medieval city built on an islet connected to the island-mainland will have problems with the parking.

In terms of car parking in Korčula, a lot has been happening in the recent years, as the town officials tried to manage the huge number of cars coming to Korčula during the tourist season. Parking along the Put Sv. Nikole has been barred (which was actually quite close to the Old Town and was probably the most comfortable place to park when coming to the town for an evening - if you could find a spot, of course, as there were always more cars whose owners thought it was a good idea than there were parking places), and more importanlty, a large garage/parking lot was opened in Tommy shopping centre.

So, in 2018, the situation with the parking is as follows:

- you can park your car on the Eastern seafront, but that's gonna cost you: during high tourist season, one hour of parking is 25 kuna (valid in April, May, June, July, August, September and October); during the remaining winter months the price is 10 kuna per hour. You can buy yearly parking ticket for that parking for 2880 kuna per year.

- there is a parking lot at the Western seafront, but it's mostly reserved for those residing in Korčula, and the subscription ticket should not be transferred to other people (cars).

- there is a large parking garage, on several levels, in Tommy shopping centre, a brief walk uphill from the town. It costs 5 kuna per hour, or 50 kuna for the whole day. There's also an option of purchasing the subscriber ticket for the garage, which costs 1500 kn per year or 250 kuna per month (or 3000 kuna per year if you want to have a reserved spot just for yourself, with the foldable parking barrier on it). For people who live in Korčula the prices are more affordable, although it's hard to say that 250 kuna a month is unreasonable. Tommy shopping centre garage also provides an option of free parking - 2 hours if you've purchased goods in any of the businesses in the centre, or 2 hours in the parking lot located at the top of the centre building. Also, there are some limited parking spaces located around the shopping centre where you might be able to park if you're really lucky.

- there's parking in the marina, reserved for the guests of the marina who also need to park their cars.

There really aren't that many locations around Korčula where you can safely park your car and be within walking distance of the Old Town. So, if you're driving to Korčula for a longer stay, make sure to either check if where you'll be staying is offering parking to their guests, or inquire right away about purchasing several daily or a monthly parking ticket to the garage. If you decide to park where it's not allowed, be warned that Korčula has several traffic cops, and they will gladly write you a ticket, costing between 300 and 700 kuna, depending on where exactly you decide to trespass.

As you move away from the centre of Korčula town, in those neighborhoods that are a bit less central, you should be able to find parking without much problems.

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