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Korčula's Bus Station Concrete Structure Removed

By 4 April 2019

As we previously reported, there are major plans for what is supposed to happen to the area around Korčula's bus station, which is also a main entrance to the Korčula town for all those arriving by car, in the next year or two. 

The first change, which we announced would happen very soon, has already been completed. As we've reported a couple of weeks ago, the removal of the (some would say quite ugly) concrete structure that has been hovering above the bus station was going to happen. And, what can we say, it has happened!

The officials in Korčula were quite careful with giving the timeline how long the works on the removal might last, since they were not quite sure how easy it would be to actually remove the concrete, but I guess it was in fact quite easy. As of a couple of days ago, I can happily report that the structure is no more, and this morning the entire protective shield that was erected around the building to protect it from any damage the demolition might've brought upon it has also been removed.


The road blocks are still around the perimeter of the site, as it has obviously not been fully prepared to take buses again safely, but the bulk of the work has been done in the past couple of weeks. And it seems to have been done without any damage to the remainder of the bus stop.

And one important note: the Tisak kiosk located in the bus station building seems to be working again, which is of course excellent news for those needing a little something for their nicotine addiction, as well as for the school kids taking the bus to and from home, who are (let's be honest) the biggest buyers at the kiosk every day anyway!