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Concrete Structure at Korčula Bus Station to be Removed

By 21 March 2019

The preparations for the removal of the (some would say ugly, not sure how many those who wouldn't call it there are at all) concrete structure above the Korčula bus station, in the centre of the town, have started, and it is expected that the removal should be completed by Easter.

The current appearance of the Korčula bus station is set to change drastically, and is a part of a larger project that includes a private company owning the bus station itself, the town of Korčula and the Korčula ACI marina (which is right next to the bus station). ACI Marina Korčula director Marko Skokandić, who happens to currently be the head of the Town Assembly of Korčula explained to Dora Lozica at Dubrovački Vjesnik what the plans are:

The marina has purchased the bus station from the private company, and the removal of the concrete structure is the first step (in addition to it not being esthetically pleasing, it is also getting dangerous for anything under it). The actual removal will not be easy, and the bakery and the kiosk located in the bus station building will temporarily be closed, and building protected. The traffic in the zone will be slowed down, and the buses will let people get on and off them at the entrance to the Marina, right next to the station.

After that phase, the second step in the plan is to build an underground garage with 200 parking spots, which should solve the problem of parking in Korčula. The new ACI hotel is also planned, with highest standard of service, and the location where the bus station is will be turned into a roundabout for buses and taxis. And once the Liburna building across the street is fully restored, the entrance to Korčula will be completely different. The bus station should be moved to a different location, near the health center, where another roundabout should be built.

All of those steps will come after the tourist season of 2019, including the reconstruction of the breakwater in the marina.