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Pefrect Cake Delivery by Škatula Cake Shop in Korčula

By 19 August 2018

Imagine finding yourself in this situation: you're on Korčula, it's your significant other's birthday, and last minute you decide to get them a cake.

Of course, the thing is that it's your vacation, so you basically spend all of your time together, which in turn means that you don't really have the luxury to call around and see where and how it would be easiest to get said cake. Your solution in that situation: Škatula cake shop in Korčula!

Yes, this is a story told from personal experience, as it took place, well, yesterday. I texted the owner of Škatula that I needed the cake in the evening and that I wanted a light, summery, fruity cake because it's obviously summer and hot and a heavy, fatty dessert would just be too much for everyone. She texted back, understanding why I can't talk to her, to ask if a round cake was OK (of course it was), if wild-berries cheesecake was OK (well, of course it was!), if I wanted it to have something written on the cake (no, thanks; we're a bit old for that, I think) and how and when could she deliver the cake to me. We literally had it all figured out in 10 minutes, the cake was delivered to the agreed-upon site right on time, the price of a large rich cheesecake was extremely reasonable (and if you consider the fact that it was delivered on the same day it was ordered; I would've said nothing if they've even charged me more for the special circumstances of being a spoiled brat).


And I know what you're thinking now if you've read this story this far and seen the word "cake" this many times: was it any good?  
Yes, it was. It was perfect. Cheesy and creamy, with wonderful fruity topping, not too sweet, refreshing and freshly made, it was a perfect dessert to a lovely evening. Everyone had a piece. Then everyone had seconds. What can I tell you, we finished it, after a big meal, and not a single regret was had!

It's hard to imagine an easier process of getting an amazing cake for your evening than the one I had on Korčula (no, the people at the cake shop did not know I was a writer for Total Korčula; I only mentioned that fact after I paid for the cake) and I can't recommend Škatula cakes enough. I wish I had them closer to me all year round!