A Winter Look of the Library in Jelsa

By Ivana 23 December 2015
I got to leave the house by myself tonight. Something of a luxury for me as a stay-at-home mother, whose husband works most of the time. Ok, so no kid tonight, off to library for the last presentation we prepared for pregnant mothers about birth, breastfeeding and babywearing.
There is a child standing in front of the entrance door and it is locked. "Oh, we are too early", I say to the boy. "No, we are not," says the boy with a slightly impatience tone. He would like to get inside. Wow, this boy is into reading books, I think. He can´t wait for the library to open.
"Well, yes, I am sure he likes books, but he likes the internet connection slightly more", says Ms. Maja, the librarian as she unlocks the door a minute later.
We are very lucky to have such a great library in Jelsa. A library with a long tradition, with many many books to read, with a kids section and an internet connection on 2 open-space floors in a modern, yet very welcoming and warm design. I love the place.  
Kids like to gather there to play PC games. To manage it somehow, not to have them spend too much time in front of a screen, there are rules to be followed - one hour per person per day. And so, Josip was there on time for the library opening (the afternoon shift) to use his time. Sweet boy with a passion in libraries and computers.

And Josip was there last Friday too, when he, together with other kids made some Winter and Christmas decoration. A great job, they did. Beautiful snow-flakes, a Christmas tree and angels decorate the library to create the perfect holiday spirit..



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