Happy Halloween: Here Are Split's Happenings, Tonight

By 31 October 2016

It’s a Monday, it’s October 31st, and it’s Halloween. With that said, there are plenty of options for you to enjoy on this Hallow-evening. Here is what Split has going on tonight.

Halloween Party @ Charlie’s Bar - 21h: Best Halloween costume wins a free drink - FREE


Halloween Party @ Academia Club Ghetto - 21h: Ghetto house of horror has saved for the scariest Halloween party! Music and vibes provided by DJ Vjeko - FREE


Gothic Night Halloween Party @ Kocka - 22h: 80's / Old School Goth / Dark Wave / Post Punk, Dress code: Dark


Fabrique Halloween @ Fabrique - 21h: Prisoners' party with DJ Soul and guardian of Alcatraz - FREE


Kvazi Halloween @ Quasimodo - 23h: 80's & 90's smash hits by Hasselhoff - 10kn


Transformation Party @ Kameleon - 23h: Put on your scariest masks, remove the morbid skeletons out of your closets and fly on a broomstick - Free entry until midnight - 30kn after


Electric Halloween @ Jungla - 23.59h: Pero Fullhouse as a skeptic, his dark alter ego, premiered on Halloween