Croatian Parliament Confirms Government of Andrej Plenković

By 19 October 2016

After a long debate, Parliament confirmed the government led by Prime Minister Andrej Plenković.

On Wednesday evening, Croatian Parliament confirmed the government proposed by Prime Minister-Designate Andrej Plenković (HDZ). The government was confirmed by 91 votes in favour, 45 against and 3 abstentions. Andrej Plenković’s cabinet was supported by MPs from HDZ, MOST, national minorities representatives, HSS, BM 365 and HDSSB.

The new ministers are:
Gari Capelli – Tourism Minister
Oleg Butković – Transport, Infrastructure and Maritime Affairs Minister
Nada Murganić – Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy Minister
Nina Obuljen – Culture Minister
Zdravko Marić – Finance Minister
Milan Kujundžić – Health Minister
Davor Ivo Stier – Deputy Prime Minister; Foreign Minister
Damir Krstičević – Deputy Prime Minister; Defence Minister
Martina Dalić – Deputy Prime Minister; Economy Minister
Lovro Kuščević – Construction Minister
Pavo Barišić – Science and Education Minister
Tomo Medved – Veterans Affairs Minister
Gabrijela Žalac – Regional Development and EU Funds Minister
Tomislav Tolušić – Agriculture Minister
Tomislav Ćorić – Labour and Pension System Minister
Goran Marić - minister without portfolio (state assets management)
Slaven Dobrović– Environmental Protection and Energy Minister
Ante Šprlje – Justice Minister
Vlaho Orepić – Interior Minister
Ivan Kovačić – Deputy Prime Minister; Administration Minister

In the morning, Plenković gave a speech in which he presented the government programme and his nominees for ministers.

After the debate and before the vote, Plenkovć again made a short speech. “I would like to thank everybody for the debate, which was interesting. I have great respect for all the MPs who expressed their opinion. Some said that we should have been more detailed in our programme, but we wanted to go step-by-step. We have heard some good suggestions and we will accept them. We know what should be done for Croatia to be better. We will advocate for development of all Croatian regions and accept good proposals from opposition parties. It is important to ensure that national minorities’ rights are protected, because Croatia has to be an inclusive society. We will do everything not to betray your trust”, said Plenković.

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After the vote, Plenković went to the Banski Dvori palace where he officially took over power from outgoing Prime Minister Tihomir Orešković. On Thursday, he will travel to Brussels to take part in his first EU summit.

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