In Tesla Electric Connection Challenge, Saša Cvetojević Reaches Norway

By 17 September 2016

Saša Cvetojević is travelling in a Tesla electric car from Zagreb to Istanbul to Nordkapp, and back.

Croatian entrepreneur Saša Cvetojević recently started a 10,000 kilometres long challenge that will take him in an electric Tesla car from Zagreb to Istanbul to Nordkapp and back. He is trying to demonstrate that it is possible to travel all over Europe in an electric car, even though infrastructure needed for such cars is poor to non-existent in many countries, particularly those in the eastern Europe.

170916 6 Tesla1 Map

“The goal is to travel over Europe from its southernmost to its northernmost point. It will not always be easy, especially in countries where there are no charging stations, but we want to prove that it is possible”, said Cvetojević before he began his journey.

The journey started on 9 September in Zagreb. Next stop was Sofia in Bulgaria, where first problems with infrastructure appeared. This is how the car was charged in Plovdiv.

170916 6 Tesla1 Plovdiv

Istanbul was reached on 11 September. However, one of the charging stations which were marked on a map had been removed in the meantime, and this is all which was left of it.

170916 6 Tesla1 Istanbul

The journey continued through Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, before reaching Tallinn in Estonia on 15 September.

170916 6 Tesla1 Romania

After visiting all three of the Baltic countries, Cvetojević arrived in Helsinki and continued northward, finally entering Norway on 16 September.

170916 6 Tesla1 Norway

The second half of the journey will see Cvetojević and his associates visit Oslo (20 September), Berlin (21 September), before hopefully finishing their journey where it all started, in Zagreb on 22 September.

More details about his adventure can be found here.

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