European Coastal Airlines Seaplane Docks at Island of Vis

By 9 September 2016

After a difficult few weeks, European Coastal Airlines made a surprise first flight to the island of Vis on September 8, 2016.

After a difficult August, which saw its operations temporarily halted by the Croatian Civil Aviation Authority, there was a surprise arrival in the harbour of Vis Town on the island of the same name yesterday, as a European Coastal Airlines seaplane landed close to the harbour before taxiing in to dock at the popular but remote island, which is some three hours from Split by ferry and 90 minutes by catamaran.

The seaplane, with Croatia's Minister of Construction on board, completed the journey in just 15 minutes, offering a glimpse of the improved connectivity the airline could offer, should a partnership with Vis be agreed upon.

ECA, which is operating a limited service since restarting operations at the end of last month, has been trying to add the Vis to the network for some time, and while those discussions are still ongoing, yesterday's flight was offered some hope that progress is being made in that direction, as well as being the first sign that the airline is looking to continued expansion after restarting operations.