Croatian Athletes Among the First to Try the New Adidas Athletics Collection

By 3 September 2016

Adidas, the world's leading expert and innovator in the production of sports apparel, is unveiling a new product category - Adidas Athletics.

Croatian National Football team members Domagoj Antolić, Marko Rog, and Ante Ćorić, along with marathon runner Matea Matošević, are among the first to try this key new Adidas product - the Adidas Z.N.E. hoodie (essentially, a sweatshirt with a hood).


1Matea 827x1024

Matea Matošević


Domagoj Antolić

1Ante Coric 743x1024

Ante Ćorić


The Adidas Z.N.E. hoodie is designed to allow maximum focus for athletes in the crucial period before their competition - when it is most important to minimize distractions. In an effort to help athletes remain mentally strong and keep concentration before going out onto the field, the hoodies help with three key elements - lack of noise from the outside environment, minimal visual interference, and protection from discomfort. Superior production methods, luxurious fabrics, and distinctive design make these hoodies a leader in sports apparel, on the field and outside of it.


The oversized hood is made of two layers of fabric with a shape that eliminates external factors like distractions, maintaining warmth and allowing the athlete to stay focused. The hood is large enough so that athletes could put on their headphones and listen to their favorite music to help them focus before the competition - a common habit of top, elite athletes. A modern and bold design on the hoodie also has "relaxed" sleeves, allowing the athlete's freedom of movement. There is also a hidden pocket on the hoodie that is ideal for personal belongings. A discrete label on the inside of the hoodie contains a motivating message for all athletes, celebrating their mental strength and focus.


Out of the 18,000 athletes from around the world that had the opportunity to try out the hoodies, only 2000 were directly selected and included for their promotion.


The Adidas Z.N.E. hoodie is available in all Adidas shops and selected partners across Croatia.


Photos by Adidas Z.N.E. Promo