Plenković: I Will Never Forget that Milanović Insulted My Mother

By 28 August 2016

HDZ president reacts to a statement about his mother made by SDP president Milanović during a secretly recorded meeting with veterans’ representatives.

HDZ president Andrej Plenković held a press conference on Sunday. He commented on secret recordings of a meeting between SDP president Zoran Milanović and representatives of veterans' organizations, reports Index.hr on August 28, 2016.

During the meeting, Milanović can be heard saying that his mother, unlike Plenković’s, was never a “military physician”, alluding to the fact that she was a physician working in a military hospital of the Yugoslav National Army. In addition, Milanović used a Serbian word for “physician”.

“He dared to mention my mother, and that is unprecedented. She is a prominent internist-cardiologist, now she is in retirement, whose professional and human qualities are well-known to her colleagues and patients. She used to work at former military hospital, and later at the Dubrava Hospital”, said Plenković on Sunday.

“As a Christian, I can forgive him, but I will never forget it. I will never even think about saying something like that about anyone’s family. And that is the difference between HDZ and SDP. There is a difference about whether we are dilettantes when commenting on other countries and peoples, and whether we think about all the aspects of what we say. I am sure that such words are not worthy of a person holding the post of prime minister. Therefore, Croatian voters should decide whether they want a serious and credible leadership or dilettantism. This is the choice before Croatian voters on 11 September”, said the HDZ president.

“Those who had the chance and did not use it, should think whether their messages are convincing to voters. It seems to me that voters in all constituencies can see that very well. HDZ will continue its positive campaign”, continued Plenković.

“Aggression is a sign of weakness. It means that you have a problem, and that you are trying to solve it with falsehoods and manipulations. Here, I am talking primarily about the behaviour of SDP leader who at the meeting with the veterans insulted them as well. Saying that such course rhetoric is the only language they understand, that is an insult to Croatian veterans”, concluded Plenković.