Hajduk's Captain In Dinamo? Lovre Kalinić: "Not Even 100M Would Be Enough!"

Media speculations about surprise offer by Dinamo for two Hajduk's players were quickly shut down by the Hajduk's president and the players themselves

The news hit the Croatian media on August, 26. 2016 like thunder; Dinamo is preparing the 10M Euros to offer to Hajduk for its captain Lovre Kalinić and vice-captain Nikola Vlašić. There was no official confirm, only “unnamed sources” were quoted, so the journalists looked for answers.

And Hajduk’s captain responded quickly; he waved off the speculations and said that there is no such amount that would be enough for him to move to Hajduk’s fierce rival.

Hajduk’s president, Ivan Kos has laughed at media speculations and said that anybody could write anything, and proposed the headline about Leonardo Messi’s transfer to Hajduk. In more serious manner, he stated that the players are simply not interested in that transfer and that he sees no interest for Hajduk in that job, so there is no need for further comments.

Dinamo is selling its best players in current transfer windows, as UEFA is monitoring Dinamo’s finances after the punishment was implemented a few months ago due to failure to comply with UEFA’s financial fair play rules. Being so, it would be hard to believe that they would be ready to spend that amount at the moment.

Unfortunately for Hajduk fans, this does not mean that Lovre Kalinić will stay in the club for an extended period, it just means he will not play for Dinamo, but as soon as some foreign club decides to sign him, he will probably leave Hajduk.