Our Favorite Cinema Revival is Coming Right Around the Corner from Split

By 22 August 2016

Hosted by the Festival mediteranskog filma Split, Kino Mediteran, the cinema revival project making waves throughout Dalmatia, is coming to Stobreč from August 23-26.

Kino Mediteran is a project for cinema revival in Dalmatia, aiming to renew movie theatres and bring movie screens to small Dalmatian towns where cinemas have been closed for a long time. The project reaches over 25 towns with over 370 screenings and 19,500 viewers (2015). Kino Mediterranean is organized with the support of local partners, the Foundation Culture and new Croatian Audiovisual Centre. For the third year in a row, Association “Our Stobreč” has cooperated with Kino Mediterranean.


Here is the program for Kino Mediteran in Stobreč, just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Split.


23.8 / 24.8. and 26.8.





Anna Muylaert, Brazil, 2015, 110 '

humorous drama


Val works as a maid and takes his job very seriously. In the always perfect uniform, she faithfully fulfills all the needs of their superiors, while carefully raising their son Fabihna. The elegant house is perfectly organized, until one day Valina gets a visit from young and ambitious daughter Jessica. Her enthusiasm and confidence is to fundamentally disrupt the balance of rigorous and rigid class order of the household. As the tension grows, Val must decide who is really loyal and they are ready to sacrifice. Through dark humor and tangible characters, Anna Muylaert builds an intense drama about the clash of old principles and new worlds. The film won more than 20 awards worldwide, including special recognition of the jury at Sundance and the Audience Award at the Berlinale.



Bruno Bajic, Croatia, 2015, 95 '



Documentation about the incredible feats that have been made by Mediterranean sailors in the world. A film that openly speaks about 12 incredible stories selected to testify about all the secrets, advantages and disadvantages, as well as the specifics seamanlike calls. This is not a safe haven.

This is an emotional torrent, sailing with strong wind in the sails, this is a story created out of love and respect from the desire to search for hidden time. A maritime adventure.


FRIDAY 26.8.


Samuel Benchetrit, France, 2015, 100 '


The building in the planned settlement. One broken elevator. Three meetings. Six persons. Will Sternkowitz rise from the wheelchair to pass at the nurse from the night shift? Will a lonely teenager Charly find a role for Jeanne Meyer, a popular actress from the 80s? And what will happen to astronaut John McKenzie who after returning to Earth housed Mrs. Hamid? Witnesses with asphalt stories are about intertwined destinies and everything that makes us human beings: vices, virtues, dreams and hopes. The film won the Audience Award at the Festival of Mediterranean Film Split.