Mister Šustar, You’ve Had Your Chance

Predrag Šustar, Minister of Science, Education, and Sport announced on August 19, 2016 that he would start the initiative to raise awards for Olympic medals

As we reported earlier, Minister of Science, Education, and Sport, Mr. Predrag Šustar announced he would start an initiative to raise financial rewards for Olympic medals winners. As we have written several times about the issue of funding the Croatian sport, and the incompetence of the people running the sport in Croatia, this did not surprise us, or anybody involved in Croatian sport.

If anybody does not know, parliamentary elections are close, so politicians do what they do the best in Croatia: they give promises. And they give promises without rethinking what they are promising in the first place.

The easiest thing in the world for one politician is to propose increasing the awards, and no sane person would oppose that motion, but the problem of Croatian sport is not the awards, it is the funding of those athletes before they become Olympic champions.

In the term of this government, Mr. Šustar has done close to nothing to help those athletes. He was too busy obstructing the Sport Act in power, and have we mentioned that the Olympic Committee was without funding for months due to the procedural mistakes?

Earlier this year, many of those athletes we are so proud of now, traveled to their tournaments at their expense, even the Sinković brothers had no problems, and Damir Martin was left with no proper boat for days.

Sara Kolak lives and trains in Slovenia, as there is no system that allows her proper training in Croatia.

There are so many examples showing the lack of care by the politicians for the athletes, so it is just awkward to see those incompetent people trying to gain popularity on the efforts of athletes.