Government to Increase Prizes for Olympic Medal Winners?

By 19 August 2016

Education and Sports Minister Predrag Šustar will try to find more money for Croatian Olympians.

Minister of Science, Education and Sports Predrag Šustar said on Friday that he believed it was possible to find more money for Croatian winners of Olympic medals, and added that it was just one of measures which can be adopted to help the development of sports, reports Večernji List on August 19, 2016.

“However, we should also developed ideas how they can be better prepared for competitions, so that they have better logistical support. If they can achieve such results in these circumstances, which are quite difficult, what will they do when they get the support they deserve. Financial prizes for medal winners are just one aspect”, said Minister Šustar before today’s cabinet meeting.

He added that president of the Croatian Olympic Committee Zlatko Mateša was right to insist on the increase in monetary prizes, and that the Finance Minister had express his understanding and will try to find a way to increase the amount given. “I invite all those who are involved in sports at the highest level to let us know how we could solve this issue in future”, said the Minister. “Assistant Minister Janica Kostelić, who was in Brazil, conveyed the position of the athletes and the Ministry, and I am glad that we are trying to find a constructive solution that is within our means and that very soon we will solve this situation”, said Šustar. “This is something we are currently working on, and give us a little time.”

Currently, winners of gold medals in individual sports receive 104,000 kuna, while those in team sports receive 85,000 kuna per member of the team. Prior to 2010, the prizes were much higher (208,000 and 169,000 kuna respectively). Silver medal in individual sports is now worth 65,000 kuna and bronze 46,000 kuna.

At the moment, Croatian athletes have won five gold and two silver medals, and it is certain that at least two more medals will be won (boxing and water polo).