Labin – “A Very Special Planet in the Istrian Galaxy”

By 18 August 2016

The small Istrian hilltop town of Labin celebrated its day yesterday, August 17, 2016 reports today. The attendees of the formal celebration at the town’s cinema were treated to some very inspiring speeches which described the meaning and the importance of Labin for the Istrian region, but also pointed out how special Labin is in many ways compared to other Istrian towns.

The differences begin with the local Istrian dialect which sounds like a foreign language to other Istrians, Labin also has its unique history of changing rulers, as well as a less touristic and more industrial development compared to the better known Istrian destinations.

The quote in the headline comes from no other than Istrian star-politician, the former President of the local party IDS and former President of the District of Istria Ivan Jakovčić who currently serves as MP at the European Parliament. He said: “In a positive way, Labin has always been a very special planet within the Istrian Galaxy,” he continued adding how much he missed Labin and said that he is always there to help.


The president of the City Council Valter Poropat opened the festivity saying: “Labin may be small in size, but it is great from within.”

Meanwhile, Labin’s Mayor Tulio Demetlika and the current president of the Istrian Region listed the recent successes of the local economy of Labin and nearby Rabac, pointing out that the investment in the reconstruction in the Girandella resort, which is set to begin later this year, is going to be the biggest investment in Croatian tourism.

Everything is coming up roses for Labin and Rabac.