Three Croatian Teams In The Quarter-Finals Of The Olympic Games

Water polo, basketball, and handball team qualified to the quarterfinals of their Olympic tournaments, and all of them have a chance to get trough even further in the competition too.

August 16, 2016, could be a historic day for the Croatian sport, as quite a few medals are expected to be won by Croatian athletes today. But yesterday, three Croatian teams have succeeded to qualify for the quarter-finals of their Olympic tournaments.

The water polo team lost to France, and raised some eyebrows among sports fans, as it seems that they decided to choose their opponents in the play-off stage of the Olympics. They will face Brazil, who are coached by Ratko Rudić, who won the gold medal in London with Croatia in 2012. A tough task, but it seems that the plan was to avoid Serbia on the path to the finals.

The handball team had an easy task to beat Tunisia in the last round match of the group stage, and they did it in style. They won by a comfortable margin, scoring 40 goals in the game. They will face Poland in the quarterfinals, and are considered the slight favorite for a win there. They avoided meeting with the French team before the final, but on this level, that should not be as significant as it seems to be.

The basketball team beat Lithuania in the last match of the group stage and avoided the U.S. team in the quarter-finals. They will face Serbia, who did a similar thing as the Croatian water polo team, choosing to avoid the Americans on the path to the finals. We hope that Croatia will spoil their plan in the next game.

The Croatian water polo team plays tonight versus Brazil, while the basketball and the handball team play their matches tomorrow late night.