Camper Nearly Hit by Falling Drone in Poreč Camp

By 14 August 2016

A German tourist turned to a popular Croatia-themed Facebook group tonight, August 14, 2016 to report about a drone incident which happened earlier today when he arrived at the Bijela Uvala Camp near Poreč. He was just about to set up his camp when a white, Typhoon branded, 50 cm big drone fell from the sky with a bang just 1 metre from where he was standing. Hours after the incident there hasn’t been a word from the drone pilot.

The scared camper said that, had the drone (according to a well-informed source, it’s in fact a copter worth some€800, a Q500 4k) hit his head, his life might have been in danger since the drone must have fallen from tens of metres height. He posted a photo of the broken drone in the group and triggered over 100 comments of concerned Germans and locals about the dangers before the page administrator shut comments off for the post.

The drone was also carrying a camera and the tourist checked it for photos and videos. The photos he downloaded from the SD card didn’t help him to identify the owner, but other tourists reported that there was a lot of drone action going on around Poreč during the day.

In Croatia, operating a drone is legal if the pilot is within 500 metres from the drone and the drones may not fly over inhabited areas and groups of people. Drones have been in the news recently for endangering a landing at the airport in Munich.

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